Notification of New Establishment of Production Facilities for Nonwoven Fabrics

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will newly establish production facilities for air-through nonwoven fabrics in the Moriyama Factory of our subsidiary, JNC FIBERS CORPORATION.


One of the core businesses of JNC is the manufacturing and selling of thermo-bondable bicomponent fibers (ES Fiber) for hygienic materials which are essential to daily living.  JNC supplies raw stock and nonwoven fabrics mainly to major hygienic materials manufacturers.


The ES fiber is manufactured from two kinds of resins having different melting points, and is heated by hot air which causes the fibers to bond to each other to form the air-through nonwoven fabrics.  The air-through nonwoven fabrics are nonwoven fabrics having high bulkiness and excellent flexibility, and being friendly to skin without using adhesives.  Our ES fiber takes advantage of these characteristics and is used for products such as disposable diapers and sanitary goods which are essential to daily living.


The hygienic materials market in the world continues to expand due to improvements in the living standards of emerging countries as represented by ASEAN and population aging in advanced countries, resulting in an increase in the demand for the air-through nonwoven fabrics.


So far, JNC Group has expanded the production bases for the air-through nonwoven fabrics to China and Thailand in response to the growth of the hygienic materials market in Asia.  We will now establish new production facilities for the nonwoven fabrics in Japan to meet the inbound demand in Japan.

This production base for the air-through nonwoven fabrics will be the fourth location following Guangzhou and Changshu, China, and Rayong, Thailand.


JNC Group plans to strengthen the technological capabilities of the Moriyama Factory which is the core base of our fibers business, and aims for further expansion of business by the introduction of the facilities.


<Outline of New Facilities>

(1)   Location

230, Kawata-cho, Moriyama, Shiga

(2)   Investment

About 1,800 million yen

(3)   Products

Air-through nonwoven fabrics

(4)   Facilities capacity

About 3,600 tons/year

(5)   Start of construction work

January 2016 (planned)

(6)   Completion of construction work

May 2017 (planned)