Notification of Completion of JNC Group's Kabushiki Kaisha Mirai No Hatake Kara, Kusu Office - Start of Summer/Autumn Culture in Cold Upland Region of "Tomatoes with High Sugar Content" -

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces that the Kusu Office of "Kabushiki Kaisha Mirai No Hatake Kara" has been completed on June 24th to promote the commercialization of our unique agricultural system technology (JNC Corporation's Soilless Culture System).


JNC Group regards research & development, manufacturing and selling of liquid crystal materials which are essential to a highly information-oriented society as the core business of our company.  Meanwhile, we also regard "environment" and "food" to be important subjects for the themes of our research and development.


JNC's Soilless Culture System uses no soil to enable crop culture using a smaller amount of fertilizer and water compared to the amounts required for the conventional soil and hydroponics cultures.  Tomatoes cultured by this technology have features of high sugar content and also delicious taste and high nutritive value.  Test-marketing conducted in parallel with the culture technology development have shown high evaluations from our customers.


We have completed the culture facility that has been undergoing construction in Kusu Town which is rich in lush green nature and abundant in good quality water resources to serve as the base for the commercialization of our culture system technology, and have started full-scale culture of "tomatoes with high sugar content".  We aim to commercialize our agricultural system technology by establishing the summer/autumn culture in the cold upland region, in addition to the winter/spring culture that has been developed in the flatland region.


<Outline of Kusu Office>

(1)  Company Name

Kabushiki Kaisha Mirai No Hatake Kara

(2)  Location

2488-17, Aza Daigenya, Oaza Yamaura, Kusu Town, Kusu-Gun, Oita

(3)  Representative

President: Toshiharu Aono

(4)  Capital

One million Yen

(5)  Establishment

August 29, 2014

(6)  Culture Area

One hectare

(7)  Business Content

Production and sales of tomatoes

(8)  Start of Culture

June 2016



View of Kusu Office

Photograph of Culture by JNC Corporation’s Soilless Culture System