Notice of Completion of Production Technology Development Center

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the completion of "Production Technology Development Center," the construction of which had been in progress at our Minamata Factory.


JNC Group started the middle-term management plan "NC-SCRUM" in the present fiscal year, and one of the basic policies of this plan is "maximization of competitiveness and innovation of production technology."  Our goal is to maintain both low-cost production and high quality by strengthening our production technologies and development in order to construct a strong, tough profit structure.


We established the Production Technology Development Center in order to prepare a base for developing production technology for the future, and to aim at further improving our technological competitiveness.  The Center is a building with total floor space of about 540 m2, and comprises a development management building and an innovative technology building, equipped with examination facilities for existing technologies such as granulation, separation and purification, and examination facilities for innovative production technologies such as micro-flow reactors.  The micro-flow reactors mean reactors in which reaction operations using elaborate flow in micro-spaces can be made.  In comparison with the conventional batch reaction operations, the micro-flow reactor is superb in being able to achieve optimum reaction conditions by elaborately controlling reaction temperature and reaction time, and is expected to be applied to various chemical reaction processes.


We will utilize the Center to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement and new grade development by brushing up on existing technologies, and also to increase the speed of new technology development and innovative production technology development.


<Outline of Production Technology Development Center>

(1) Location

1-1 Noguchi-cho, Minamata-shi, Kumamoto (inside Minamata Factory)

(2) Start of construction

April 2015

(3) Completion of construction work

September 2016

(4) Building description

2 buildings, 2 stories above ground level, total floor space 540 m2

(5) Facility structure

Development management building, Innovative technology building


About 300,000,000 Yen




View of Production Technology Development Center