Notice of Commencement of Sales of Bioprocess Devices

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the commencement of sales of columns and systems for bioprocess manufactured by Gen Bio System(Changsha)Co.,Ltd., a company established last January jointly with Shenzhen Huachuang High Tech. Co. Ltd. to expand our bioprocess related business.


In recent years, the biopharmaceutical market has shown a rapid growth, and the demand for separators and devices used for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals is also on the rise.  The bioprocess can be classified into a process of producing useful substances by genetic engineering or cell culture technology, and a purification process of purifying the useful substances with high purification.


The chromatography column for bioprocess we have started to sell has a product line with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 1,000 mm, including types where the chromatography media can be packed manually or automatically by a packing device.  Moreover, the pump capacity of the system for bioprocess comes in the range of a minimum of 6 L/hr to a maximum of 1,200 L/hr and can be selected from semi-automated control types or fully automated control types, and furthermore, the devices can be customized to meet the user's demands.

In the future, we plan to introduce a table type system which can be used in the research stage and a smart pump series for pilot scale use with excellent cost performance, in order to support a seamless upgrade ranging from the laboratory to the final product.


We currently manufacture and sell "CELLUFINE®," a chromatography media used in the purification process of biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines and antibody drugs, whose quality has been highly evaluated by pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world, and we continue to provide a stable supply.  We aim to contribute to stable production of biopharmaceuticals by providing our customers with the optimum purification process through a combination of chromatography media, columns for packing the media, and a system for controlling the columns.


<Outline of Joint Corporation>

(1) Corporate Name

Gen Bio System(Changsha)Co.,Ltd.

(2) Location

Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Honan, China

(3) Representative

Li Yuntian (appointed by Shenzhen HuaChuang High Tech. Co. Ltd.)

(4) Establishment

January 15th, 2015

(5) Capital

3,080,000 CNY

(6) Investors

JNC CORPORATION (35%), Shenzhen HuaChuang High Tech. Co. Ltd. (65%)



View of Bioprocess Device