Notice of Commencement of Sales of Bioluminescence-Related Research Reagents

JNC CORPORATION (CEO & President: Yasuyuki Gotoh, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces the commencement of full-scale sales of a bioluminescent research reagent (luminescence substrate, antibody, gene, protein, etc.), "jPhoton (trademark pending) series," through Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. (CEO & President: Toshiaki Kasamatsu, Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo), starting in April.


Currently, bioluminescence is a technology attracting much attention in the cell biology domain.  As a result of continuous research related to bioluminescence, our Company has developed various research tools which will be sold as the research reagents.  The main uses of the reagents include drug search such as "GPCR (G protein coupled receptor) assay" and tools for verifying expression of in vivo cell functions.  Currently, the fluorescence method by a protein as typified by "GFP (green fluorescent protein)" is widely applied to visualize the expression of functions within a live cell.  On the other hand, the bioluminescence imaging method has attracted attention in recent years as a method for detecting in vivo substance action in real-time with high sensitivity, and our "jPhoton series" will contribute to enriching these bioluminescence basic research reagents.


This series includes various naturally occurring luminescent proteins of animal origin, recombinant type luminescent proteins, and genes thereof, highly specific antibodies and luminescent substrates essential to detecting the expressed protein, and so forth, and serves as a tool which can be used for various research purposes.  In comparison with conventional commercial products, we can achieve stronger luminescence, higher S/N ratio (high sensitivity), longer luminescence period, etc., by using these research reagents, and we can expect to more easily understand the events to be desirably observed.


JNC will continue to support construction of a next-generation drug discovery system, and pursue further technology development in the life science field related to luminescence phenomenon.



Image of protein secretion from live cell by bioluminescence imaging method