Dialogue with Local Communities

Participation and growth with the communities

JNC Group actively participates in the local community and desires to fulfill its role as a corporate citizen.
JNC aims to contribute to the realization of active and energetic local communities.
Based on these ideas, various regional activities are going on at our factories and other locations.
Please also visit the pages for more major activities at our each location as follows;

Examples of local activities)
- Factory tours and students’ internship opportunities.
- Volunteer activities such as planting trees or clean-ups
- Biological diversity promotion activities
- Traffic safety promotion activities
- Sports tournaments JNC sponsors and presents.etc

Sharing the value with the local communities, JNC Group continues to strive also in the future.

Minamata Factory -
Experience leaning

Yokkaichi Plant –
Acceptance of internship

Ichihara Factory -
Factory tour for schoolchildren