Action for Process Safety and Disaster Prevention and Health and Safety

Safety Achievement (number and frequency rates of incidents: lost-time injuries and cases without lost workdays)

The number of incidents and frequency rates of lost-time injuries (only in Japan) (total of corporate members and those of affiliated companies working in unison with the corporate members) are shown.
In the fiscal year 2013, one incident occurred in the offices in and outside Japan.
In the offices outside Japan, the number of incidents of occupational accidents significantly decreased compared to the number in the fiscal year 2013, which is thought to be the result of safety activities such as mutual audit among related plants, and improved safety awareness of employees due to various education by safety managers.
Our goal is to achieve "zero occupational accidents” including the cases without lost workdays, by implementation of risk experience education and further promotion of risk assessment activities in the future.

Frequency rates: The number of accidents per 1 million work hours (when one accident takes place while 1,000 persons work for about five months, the frequency rate is 1)

Number of incidents

Frequency rates of lost-time injuries
(only in Japan)