Action for Product Safety, Distribution Safety and Quality Assurance

We at JNC Group apprehend the stable supply of safe products as a corporate social responsibility and state "product safety" and "zero complaints" as a specific RC Policy, and will proactively take action for the prevention of recurrence of complaints of existing products and safety evaluation of new products.

Product Safety

In view of the gravity of the responsibility for product safety, we have a "Product Safety Council" which is an organization for deliberating product safety.
When a new product is placed on the market, the CEO & President is to make judgment in accordance with the report on product safety from the Product Safety Council.
In the Product Safety Council, deliberation is conducted based on the results of safety tests provided in applicable laws and regulations or ordinances, the results of safety tests based on industry standards or company standards, future trends, information or the like for safety confirmation in administrative agents and industries.
This, in combination with the safety tests of company standards to be conducted for every stage in the research and development stage, will protect the product safety of products to be placed on the market.
Many of our products are not final products to be directly delivered to consumers, and are so-called intermediate products to be supplied as raw materials to manufacturers of the final products.
Therefore, measures for the product safety are different in nature from those in the case of the final products.
For example, in order to avoid use of the product in an application not intended by our Company, precautions or labeling on MSDS is required (Measures for safety differ, for example, when the applications are changed, applicable laws and regulations are different).
We will reinforce management of chemical substances by setting up a Chemical Substance Management Special Committee from the fiscal 2012 year.

Distribution Safety

For the purpose of protecting safety and appropriate measures in the event of accidents in the product distribution processes, we give the transporters a Yellow Card on which product information, report and communication methods and countermeasures in the event of accidents are briefly summarized, require them to carry the Card during transport, and simultaneously educate them based on the Yellow Card as needed.
Moreover, we prepare emergency response manuals so as to promptly take countermeasures in the event of accidents, and establish emergency communication systems and mutual support systems with the affiliated companies.

Quality Assurance

The party responsible for quality assurance to customers is the relevant Division selling each product.
The products are manufactured in each Office, and therefore the Office has quality responsibility to the relevant Division.
We immediately respond to the requests from customers by communicating them from the relevant Division to the Office.
We promote the quality assurance based on ISO 9000 series as the mechanism for this purpose.
Our Company has acquired the ISO 9000 series certification in each Office so far, but we take action for the certificate acquisition including the relevant Divisions (sales) to aim at securing the trust of customers.