Ichihara Factory

Outline of the Office Ichihara Factory

Ichihara Factory is located in a corner of the Keiyo Complex facing Tokyo Bay, and produces synthetic resins such as polypropylene and polyethylene, various chemicals and highly-added value products such as liquid crystals.100% of electric power used in the Factory is provided by a power plant of Goi Coast Energy Co., Ltd. installed on-site (photograph on the right). We continued to strive for saving electricity in the 2014 fiscal year to contribute to the elimination of power shortage in the Kanto area.


Photographs for Introduction of Office

Ichihara Factory

Dwarf azaleas in the shape of “JNC” planted on the 50th anniversary of the Factory beautifully bloomed.


Photographs of General Managers


General Manager


Annual RC Policy

[2013 RC Activity Status]
With regard to activation of risk management and near-miss proposal activities being the focused implementation items, the number of proposals favorably increases to continuously implement the action. Introduction of risk experience education was started from A Course “pinched, wound, fallen and dropped” in January and finished in all divisions, and other courses are also sequentially under implementation. In reduction of landfill ratio for the achievement of zero emission and response and revision of provisions to the revision of the Laws, etc., the results are favorably obtained.
[Motto]  Safety Always
[Slogan] Let’s exchange greetings cheerfully to make the Factory active and safe!

[Focused Implementation Items]


Completion of large-scale SD with no occupational accidents


Reinforcement of safety system based on self-responsibility by fulfillment of safety management system


Elimination of disasters and troubles by KY, HH and RA and measures for prevention of recurrence


Elimination of action disasters by greeting, point&call and mutual attention


Reinforcement of RA related to non-routine works


Reinforcement of change management


Respiratory protective equipment wearing drill

Excellent Production Safety Management Award-Giving Ceremony

50 persons from each workplace participated to compete time records which were also used for the first round of the Prefectural competition.

Power Div. Mr. Naoki Ainai


Initial fire-fighting event

2014 Large-Scale SD Pep Rally

129 persons participated from each workplace to experience the initial fire-fighting drill and to compete time records.

General Manager, Factory, receiving safety declaration from cooperative companies aiming at completion of SD with no occupational accidents


2014 Safety Event

We presented awards for zero occupational accidents in the cooperative companies, awards for successful competitors of KY sheets and safety catch phrases, and held a zero accident kick-off meeting.