Factory Map

Minamata Factory

First established by founder Sitagau Noguchi in 1906,
the Minamata Factory complex stands out in the company's history as the cradle and nucleus of the company's operation.
Close to the Shiranui Sea, the roughly 500,000 square meter site is home to a state-of-the-art production complex specializing in the manufacture of liquid crystals, electronic materials, and fine chemicals.
It has retained its role as core plant of the JNC CORPORATION's Group until the present.

Minamata Factory Map


Address & Phone

1-1, Noguchi-cho, Minamata, Kumamoto 867-8501
PHONE. +81-966-63-2116
FAX. +81-966-62-1230

Access to Minamata Factory

・1-minute walk from Minamata Station on the Hisatsu Orange Railway
・15 minutes by taxi from Shin-minamata Station on the JR Kyushu Shinkansen